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Slash Siren

Songs to Slash to

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This is a community for song lyrics that inspire, compliment, or just flat out scream slash.

The general idea is to share lyrics of songs that remind you of a pairing, inspire you to write a story, or hold an uncanny resemblance to a story you've just read. Heard a song that you'd love to read a story about, but don't think you can write it yourself? Share the lyrics and request that someone else take on the challenge! Find lyrics to drag you out of writer's block! Broaden your musical horizons!

If someone posts lyrics looking for slash based on it, please post your stories in the comments for those lyrics. If you're searching for lyrics and want to see if anyone can help you out, don't be afraid to post. You will not be ostracized for not including lyrics in a post, we're just here to have fun. Chat in the comments about the band or album, it's all good.

I'm going to start this out as an all-fandom, all-pairing (but slash only, please) deal. I would love to see a lot of diversity not only musically, but also fandom-wise. (Want to see your fandom in the interests to get more people involved? let me know!)