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Just Some Guy by Anthony Rapp.
This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard between two men other then "I'll Cover You" from Rent.

Just Some Guy

So he's holding me in his arms
and He's giving me sweet little kisses
He's telling me he'll never harm me
He's whispering how wonderful this is

I tell him that I love him
I tell him I'll be true
I've said these things to other boys
But right now the old words feel so new

And I ask him "how did I get so lucky
I didnt even have to try"
"I dont know" he says
"I'm nothing special I'm just some guy"

He's smiling like he means it
and he stretched out on his back
He's telling now that he loves me for the 5 or the 6th time
I can't keep track

and I watch his eyes as they shine
run my fingers through his hair
touch his chest where his heart is
and I tell him I find safe haven there

and I ask him "how did you get to be
so sweet and so kind"
"I dont know he says
I'm nothing special
I'm just some guy"

and I say you're heart is so big
you have passion and freedom
and vision and drive
you have so much to give
and you give it with kind
you have helped me to heal
and theres no where I won't go with you

and he's holding me now even tighter
he's breathing me in
he's telling me now that he loves me and
he's tracing his fingertips over my skin
I'm happer now then I've ever been
I'm hoping this feeling wont die
and if he says he's just some guy
the truth is he's mine

This song would be so cheesey is a girl was singing this to her boyfriend. Sorry if there are typos I couldn't find the lyrics on the internet so I had to type along with the song.
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